A large article on the BBC web site reviews the book and Richard Anderson's bespoke tailoring house on Savile Row. BBC Article on Richard Anderson.

Bespoke has been reviewed in The Daily Mail Friday Books section - a wonderful interview by Glenys Roberts talks about how Richard Anderson came to be where he is. Daily Mail Article.

Independent on Sunday "Bespoke is a beautifully crafted celebration of this peculiar arena, smoothly weaving three overlapping narratives: a coming-of-age tale, a history of "The Row" and an examination of the tailor's craft... His erudite memoir positions Anderson as the Anthony Bourdain of the rag trade". The Independent On Sunday did a great piece on the book and Richard Anderson. Read the article Independent on Sunday Article

The Sunday Express gave a great review - although they did get the title wrong!

GQ Magazine "Anderson is a fine raconteur and Besopke is as well-crafted as his own worsted double-breasted suits"

The Sunday Telegraph "Very timely... droll and engrossing"

Daily Express "What is striking about his affectionate book is the comic oddness of his fellow tailors, the picture it paints of terrifying "guv'nors" who run the shop with steely decorum and the patience required when fitting the most hellish of customers"

Literary Review (Nick Foulkes), "Anderson caught the fag-end of a world that sounds like an admixture of Are You Being Served? and Tom Brown's Schooldays: the arcana of men's apparel... intermingled with darker accounts of bullying, breakdown and death."

Metro newspaper has also listed the book with a good recommendation.

City AM Newspaper has reviewed the book and recommended it to readers.

London Lite has given the book a great review.

We thought you might also want to read what Benicio Del Toro said about the book after reading his advance copy:

"Richard Anderson's Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed is an honest, entertaining (very often funny) and insightful autobiographical account of one man's struggle to maintain the tradition of fine tailoring (an expression of the unique and personal in fashion) and his ability to survive in this age of mass production by mega corporations. In short, this is the story of an artist. Thank you, sir!"