What people say about Richard Anderson

There is a code of discretion in Savile Row between tailors and their customers, so tailors don't generally talk about their customers. Fortunately a few of Richard Anderson's customers have kindly given quotations for the book and permission to pass them on to you, the reader.

Kiefer Sutherland says:

“I often think of the look of a child when they put on their first suit, and I have to laugh when I think, twenty minutes ago, this child was standing perfectly normal.  I used to think the look of discontent came from the fact that the child was being forced to toe the line, but it was only when I had a suit made for me by Richard Anderson that I realized it was simply because all the other suits didn’t fit.  At the risk of sounding trite: Richard’s style and expert tailoring truly do create a second skin.”

Bryan Ferry says:

“Richard Anderson - the traditions of Savile Row with a modern twist"

Simon Cowell says:

“I think Richard is the best out there”

Benicio Del Toro says:

"Richard Anderson's Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed is an honest, entertaining (very often funny) and insightful autobiographical account of one man's struggle to maintain the tradition of fine tailoring (an expression of the unique and personal in fashion) and his ability to survive in this age of mass production by mega corporations. In short, this is the story of an artist. Thank you, sir!"